Tucker Carlson: Truth Teller and Liar

Although I’m glad Tucker Carlson is on the air, he’s really getting on my nerves. I don’t know who writes his scripts, but he can never tell the truth about anything without balancing it with lies. He’s worse than the “halfway boys” I wrote about earlier. On January 20th he did a six-minute spot on “shock jock” Howard Stern with some recent video excerpts inserted. Stern has been foaming at the mouth, whipping himself into a lather with his usual profanity over those who will not get the shot. He thinks it should be mandatory. He’s afraid to leave his house because he thinks everyone has Covid and he’s going to catch it and get a 104 degree fever if he goes out. This level of hysteria seems to be a uniquely Jewish phenomenon. It was exhibited at CNBC by another frenzied Jew, Jim Cramer, who in late 2021 called for the military to forcibly inject everyone who refused to get the jab by January 1st.

Thirty seconds into the show, Carlson ripped into Stern as a man filled with irrational hatred, saying he had declined into “a quivering mass of neuroses,” and using other colorful language to aptly describe this pathetic creature. Yet he started off with the most obsequious praise, calling Stern “one of the great radio hosts of all time,” “truly talented,” “incredibly brave,” “creative,” he “defended free speech.” What on earth was Carlson talking about? There is nothing funny about Howard Stern (though obviously his twenty million listeners would disagree). He is a vulgar, unfunny, untalented sewer rat. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with bawdy humor now and then, or that there haven’t been a few Jewish comedians, like Don Rickles, who made me laugh. But Stern, discussing genitals, body fluids and bodily functions, the way my friends and I did when we were twelve? That’s creative? Probing the sex lives and other secrets of his guests, the private behaviors that all of us have in the bedroom and bathroom, just to “out” them? That’s talent? Tastelessly using four-letter words just to see what he can get away with? That’s freedom of speech?

Over the past forty years, I’ve listened to a cumulative total of about three hours of Howard Stern on my car radio, flipped through his decadent book with decadent photographs, Private Parts, and I honestly don’t understand what people see in him. Howard Stern is to comedy what Allen Ginsberg was to poetry. There’s nothing funny about the man, just an appeal to people’s basest psychic levels. He obviously fits in well with the current cultural level of America. I really don’t understand where Tucker Carlson is coming from, but I suppose he’s done us a small favor, sprinkling a few more grains of truth into the vat of Covid-19 lies. (January 28, 2022)