A Conspiracy So Evil

I watched a very important 20-minute video last week, a “zoom” discussion which featured Reinhard Fuellmich, who holds both German and American citizenship, I believe, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a German, two other doctors, British and German, and reference to Michael Yeadon, formerly of Pfizer, who has put a lot on the line to show the world what’s been going on. Fuellmich is an experienced trial lawyer who in the past has filed lawsuits against Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank, and more recently has filed a lawsuit against all the heavyweights like the CDC, WEF, and Gates Foundation, but he maintains that the courts are too corrupt to dispense justice, that people around the world need to rise up. He did not say what he means by “rising up.” In any event, he and Dr. Wodarg claim they have detected a synchronized system – “an experiment within an experiment” – whereby Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, in coordination with each other, take turns testing certain batches of the Covid injection, to see how efficiently they can kill or maim – in other words, deliberately creating a small number of highly toxic “hot lots” (discussed on pages 139-141 in my book), whereas most batches are not manufactured to be harmful, at least not in the short term. Yeadon estimates that only one in 200 batches are hot lots, but that means tens of millions of people around the world have already received these extremely dangerous shots. The sequence numbers assigned to each lot give the game away, they maintain. Although the graphs shown in the video were difficult for me to follow – and I’m not big on graphs and statistics to begin with – I found this presentation convincing. All the people in this video are careful and rational, not sensationalist types. In fact, the practice of experimenting with vaccines of different potencies, knowing that some are very dangerous, has long been routine practice in the vaccine cult.

If this is true, it means that a network of Jews, working in collusion with each other at Big Pharma, the CDC and FDA, as well as those in the mainstream media, which has reported none of this, are performing human extermination experiments such as the world has never seen. Of course genocide is an old game with them – not all of them, and not even most of them, but quite a few of them. Read the Old Testament some time – or just the first five books. Gentile psychopaths like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are also deeply involved, but this doesn’t change the fact that, like every destructive social phenomenon, the Covid-19 injection killing machine is very kosher. Whether Fuellmich and Wodarg believe that or not, they dare not say it in Germany, where such a statement could land them in prison for five years. Here in America, at least, despite all the censorship and zombies, we freethinkers still have freedom of speech.

And by the way, don’t believe any news reports regarding lockdowns or vaccinations coming out of Israel. They may be true; then again they may not. I do believe that some Israeli citizens have died and others have been severely injured by the shots, but I also think it’s likely that the great majority of people there have deliberately been spared the most toxic lots, and perhaps were injected with harmless saline solution. Then again, it’s also possible that the vaccine profiteers there don’t care what happens to their fellow citizens, much like Bernie Madoff, the biggest swindler in history, ripped off quite a few of his fellow tribesmen. I just don’t know the real situation there, and I wouldn’t even hazard a guess. I only say that it would be foolish to take anything coming out of Israel at face value. (January 27, 2022)