Latest Covid News: A Ceausescu Situation?

As with other major historical events involving many players, hidden agendas, and secret agreements, we’ll never know the full truth about the Covid-19 saga. Some things we can only speculate about. But a knowledge of history and human nature makes other things quite clear. Let’s focus on just a few here. From the start, this was never about protecting public health. It was an intricate conspiracy, a preplanned fear campaign over a nonexistent or relatively harmless virus, with the aim of imposing a vaccination tyranny. Both the lockdowns and the injections have ruined the lives of millions, and may have already killed millions. It is evil. Decent people who cherish freedom hate what has been going on for nearly two years now.

The creatures who are doing this to us, in any capacity and at any level, are rotten to the core, and this includes pretty much the entire press corps, with the emphasis on those in the top echelons who have been calling the shots as far as generating fear and lying about and censoring the news. We can only appraise what is happening in other countries by what we read and see on the internet. Here in America, conditions seem to be better, comparatively speaking, than in Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe, even in “blue” states such as New York, where I live, although that’s easy for me to say because I’m retired and don’t have children in school.

Make no mistake, what we’re seeing is communism in action. And even if most politicians, health bureaucrats and other office holders are not disciples of Marx or Lenin, they’re willing to go along with the communist program. We know from history that communists will use any terror tactics available to subjugate people. We know they murdered an unfathomable number of people in the twentieth century, perhaps more than a hundred million. And even in those countries where the scale of murder was comparatively low, the people endured a bleak existence.

There has been talk among the elites here of cutting social security payments, forced injections, and severe travel restrictions. They want to make it nearly impossible for the unvaccinated to live, and in some European countries they appear to be succeeding, although nowhere in Europe are the people taking it lying down.

I had the memorable experience of traveling around Russia, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania a full decade before the collapse of communism in all those countries. I could write a good deal about each of them, but here I’m going to write just a few words on the most oppressive: Romania, which in 1980, when I was there, was ruled by a hideous dictator and his equally hideous wife, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. Actually, it wasn’t til much later that I learned how much the people of Romania had suffered under this couple, especially the lack of heating in winter and the terrible food, and food shortages, year round. Nor did I fully realize, at the time, the fear they had of informers and the secret police, though there were some strong hints. When I was in the small city of Timisoara, while chatting with two teenagers who spoke English, they suddenly became paranoid and clammed up when they noticed a policeman staring at us from a distance. At a bus stop in Bucharest, the capital, I saw two men in plainclothes swoop down on a woman and escort her onto a bus as it pulled up. Also in Bucharest, while photographing a long line of people waiting to fill their small containers at a petrol station, I suddenly felt a grip on my arm; a man in street clothes showed me a badge and walked me to a police station a few blocks away where I was interrogated, then released after having my camera opened and film exposed, and given a warning on what was forbidden to photograph.

The Ceausescu dictatorship lasted 24 years, and it became progressively worse and more detested over the years as the first couple became more megalomaniac and more out of touch with reality. Only the guns of the police and military kept them in power. Then, on December 25, 1989, after weeks of riots during which more than a thousand Romanians were killed, the police and military switched sides, stood up for the people, and found and arrested Nicolae and Elena, who had fled Bucharest. They were brought to a military barracks, given a quick show trial, then taken to a courtyard and executed by firing squad. These dramatic events were recorded on film and a seven-minute condensation of them can be seen here with English subtitles and voice-overs. (A note to the squeamish: During the execution, which begins at 4:22, much firing can be heard, but the moments of death are obscured by a thick haze of gun smoke, after which the two bodies are shown close-up.) So take heart, good people in America and around the world, the scum of the earth can be hunted down and brought to justice, and there are many cops and soldiers who will do the right thing.

A similar and bloodier revolt against communism took place in Hungary in 1956 against that hated regime. Here too the local police joined the people and actually raided the armories and distributed guns to them, the private ownership of firearms being strictly prohibited in all communist countries. The best account I’ve read is David Irving’s Uprising!, which contains several photographs. Two have always stood out in my mind. One shows a group of secret police lined up against a wall with horrified faces, a moment before they were mowed down. The other shows the bodies of five secret police who had been thrown out of windows and are lying atop reams of paper, perhaps secret files they had been keeping on citizens.

Poor career choice: Hungary, 1956 — Communist secret police meet their ends at the hands of Hungarian patriots.

Tragically, the revolt was crushed when Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest, which precipitated many street battles with great loss of life on both sides. But in the end, it was superior firepower that triumphed.

The circumstances in Hungary in the 1950s and Romania in the 1980s are somewhat different to those in America today, but there are similarities as well. One is the building rage against the federal government, the total rottenness of which a large segment of the population is aware of more than ever, that awareness being increased by the scorched earth Covid-19 injection campaign. One difference is that the ruling scum here must contend with the huge number of privately owned firearms, which they surely know will be used against anyone trying to carry out forced injections or quarantines; and they are less deluded about the possibility that military men, both active and retired, and police may turn against them because there are already clear signs of that happening. Back in late 2020, I was encouraged to read that several sheriffs in rural counties in New York, Michigan and Washington – and probably other states that I didn’t read about – stood up like men and said, in so many words, that they would refuse to enforce absurd “executive orders” dictated by their crypto-communist governors. Since then, anger over the continuing vaccine mandates, and the suppressed news of deaths and serious injuries which they’ve heard through the grapevine has, without a doubt, shifted the balance of firepower in favor of us good people. Another promising sign is the ever-growing rift between police at the county and community levels and the FBI, which has become all but indistinguishable from the Stasi and the KGB.

Back in the 1990s and 2000s there were some large, angry demonstrations by parents of autistic children, holding signs with strongly worded messages, outside CDC headquarters in Atlanta – all censored by the media, of course. I thought about that photo in Uprising! and imagined these parents storming this evil nest of mass murderers and throwing people out of windows, to land in a sea of paper sheets upon which their fraudulent “studies” about autism and everything else are printed. Perhaps we’re getting closer to such an event, as the CDC, FDA and NIH continue to lie and suppress the facts of what this Covid-19 injection is doing, while turning a deaf ear to the maimed victims who made the mistake of trusting television doctors and their government. There are certainly millions of good Americans who want to see these criminals put to death.

Are you paying attention, media, politicians, public health parasites? (January 26, 2022)