The Iceland-Ghana Solution to America’s Racial Problem

Iceland is an island country in the North Atlantic, near the Arctic Circle.  Geographically, it’s the size of Ohio, but with a population of only 352,000.  It is one of the whitest countries on earth, and the overwhelming majority are of Scandinavian origin.  Despite being poor in natural resources and having a harsh landscape, the standard of living is high, owing to the intelligence and ingenuity of the people.  Icelanders rank fourth in the world in life expectancy, and the literary rate is said to be 100%, with everyone speaking English as a second language.  In fact, Iceland scores very high in every quality of life category.  It’s a wonderful country with friendly people, a great place to visit.  I’ve been there twice, in 1986 and 2019.  I didn’t see any nonwhites at all on my first trip, while on my second trip I saw seven or eight in the capital Reykjavik, who may have been university students.

Ghana is a country in west Africa.  It too faces the Atlantic Ocean, the people are quite friendly, and since it was once a British colony, everybody speaks English.  But that’s where the similarities with Iceland end.  The population of Ghana is 98% black, with the usual tiny contingent of whites you’ll find around the continent – missionaries, aid workers and expatriates to keep the hospitals, airports, utilities and so forth running.  Unless you’re an unusual person, you wouldn’t want to live in Ghana or anywhere else in Black Africa.  The quality of life there is poor, to put it kindly.

I was in Accra, the capital of Ghana, for a few days in October 1981.  I have visited seventeen countries in Black Africa.  I tell people, when they ask, that generally speaking it’s safe for a white person to travel around Africa at ground level, and that the only two things that really scared me were malaria and reckless drivers.  But, I add, you don’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, a situation that applies to my brief stay in Accra.  I saw a man lying completely naked on a grass strip in the middle of a busy road.  I saw a man who looked like a Stone Age denizen try to rip the dress off a woman who was selling fruit by the curb.  To their credit, three men sitting nearby who heard her screams came to her rescue and drove him off, and he just walked away.  I saw a riot scene outside a supermarket that had just received a delivery of soap and cooking oil, commodities that must have been in short supply.  About two hundred people were shouting and jostling each other, while police waded through the mob, raining blows on people with their truncheons.  I saw other things.  It was scary seeing law and order break down right in front of me in an African city.  I was afraid it would spread and I would be trapped there.  Two days later I made it to the airport without incident and boarded a Pan Am flight to New York, greatly relieved to get the hell out of that place.  And although Accra stands out as a nerve-wracking experience, there were frequent reminders throughout Africa that savagery is always bubbling beneath the thin crust of civilization.  To give you an example, in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, I saw an armored truck pull up to a bank to pick up cash.  Four guards got out and positioned themselves on the sidewalk.  Two held wooden clubs, the other two machetes.

For untold millennia, Caucasians and Negroes evolved on different continents, totally unknown to each other.  The first contact between the races occurred in 1482, when Portuguese navigators made landfall on the southwestern coast of Africa in what today is Angola.  According to murky historical records, they took a small group of natives on board with them on the return trip to Lisbon, which in effect initiated black slavery and the colonization of foreign lands under the white man, a brutal enterprise which the Portuguese were the first European power to profit from, with the Dutch, Spanish, French and British following suit.  That was a huge mistake for all involved, the unhappy consequences of which we are still living with, right up to the Black Lives Matter movement.  But you can’t blame BLM for the fatal addiction among all too many whites for cheap labor, without which there would be no blacks on American soil today.

Why don’t we just bite the bullet and face the fact that blacks and whites can never live together in peace?  That there will always be tension when we live among each other?  You can’t blame the Founding Fathers, even though many of them were slave owners.  The earlier British colonists in the south were foolish enough to import slaves to pick cotton and tobacco, and the founders were born into what was called “the peculiar institution.”  They argued among themselves as to what the future of the black man should be.  Tom Jefferson had the foresight to see that slaves in America would eventually have to be given their freedom, and his quotation on the matter is inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.  But the stone mason left out the second half of the sentence, which asserted that the two races, equally free, could not live under the same government.  As an historical aside, an organization called the American Colonization Society was founded in 1816 for the purpose of encouraging voluntary relocation to Africa among free blacks to a region of west Africa.  This region was given the name Liberia, as in liberty or liberation, with a capital called Monrovia, in recognition of President James Monroe, who was in office at the time and supported the movement.  That country – a real hellhole, even by African standards – is still with us, as are the same names.  The problem was, only about 12,000 blacks, less than five percent, were willing to return to Africa, the project generated a lot of controversy, and eventually it fizzled out.  And how many American blacks have relocated to Africa this past year, where they could live among their own kind, and would never again have to deal with injustice, or brutal white cops, or white supremacism, or anything else they complain about.  Two?  Five?  None?

So nothing was done about all those blacks, and the problem continued to fester until we had our Civil War, which was fought over an economic issue, but it was the emotional issue of race – specifically, the supposed horrors of slavery, as practiced by supposedly depraved southern whites – that filled northern soldiers with a sense of righteous crusade.  Four years of internecine slaughter were followed by a twelve-year reign of federal government terror, during which the worst elements of the black race reigned over the prostrate South.  This was known as the Reconstruction era, and it gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan, which in its early years was a counterterrorist army employing the tactics of guerilla warfare.  In the end the KKK prevailed, restoring sanity to the South.  Lost in the mix was the fact that Abraham Lincoln, for all the mythology surrounding him, never considered blacks the equal of whites and openly advocated racial separation.  None of the facts in this and the preceding paragraph are taught in school, and many Americans go through life without hearing a word about them.

Do I really need to fill in the racial hostility timeline since the Civil War?  No, I don’t.  You can find a very long list on the “Mass Racial VIolence in the United States” Wikipedia page.  This does not even include something like 400 riots in 1967, 1968 and 2020.  The overwhelming majority of these incidents involved rampaging blacks, or street battles between blacks and whites.

The Civil Riots movement really picked up steam in the 1960s, my formative years.  I remember a lot of the agitation back then, especially the long, hot summer of 1967.  I believe the destruction of life and property in that year may have been worse than in 2020, although the dynamics today are more ominous.  After the ’67 riots subsided, a bunch of heavyweights appointed by President Johnson calling themselves the Kerner Commission investigated the causes and issued a long report.  Among other things, they blamed all the violence on unemployment, insufficient social programs, and of course white racism.  What bullshit.  They also made recommendations to advance our black countrymen.  So for decade after decade we got lots of affirmative action, job programs, educational improvements, handouts, you name it, and in return we got more black whining, complaining, organizing against this and that, and of course a lot more murders, rapes, armed robberies, assaults and carjackings targeting whites, very little of which is reported by the media, and plenty of mayhem among themselves.  So finally we reach the age of George Floyd, just another worthless piece of shit with a long criminal history, like so many other media-manufactured black “victims,” and this time the Jewish media got the full-scale conflagration they’re always looking to incite, which even spread overseas.  And as we endure black rioters smashing windows, looting stores, viciously beating whites, as we watch them act like the primitive savages they in fact are, we get to be lectured about our racism by the likes of Al Sharpton and Oprah Winfrey.  We get to see huge corporations tripping over themselves to make amends to these animals, we get to hear media pundits and elected officials declare that racism, always meaning white racism, is a public health crisis.  Absolute madness.  There’s no need to go on.  If you’re with me, you know what I’m talking about.  If you’re not, why are you reading this?

Look, I realize there are a lot of nice black people who live responsibly and have no animosity against whites.  I’ve known quite a few, and I wish all of them well.  I wish all decent black folks well.  But here’s the problem: for every ten who deserve our respect, there are seven or eight assorted junkies, malcontents, welfare deadbeats and criminals, and in this last category all too many of the violent kind.  I don’t know what the exact ratio is, but whatever it is it’s off the charts compared to white people.  It’s inevitable, and I don’t want to deal with it anymore.  You can’t get away from cold, hard facts, including the fact that no way has ever been found for blacks and whites, in significant numbers, to live in harmony together.  Our entire history is stained by social inequality and antagonism between the races.  It’s Nature’s law.

So let’s get back to the Iceland-Ghana solution.  These countries are 4200 miles apart.  They have no diplomatic relations, or anything else to do with each other.  There is no hostility between them, not a hint of racial strife.  What a perfect situation!

Unfortunately, given our history and the geography that shaped it, we can’t duplicate that here.  And even picturing the bloodiest kind of race war, I can’t imagine how a total racial separation could be achieved in any of the big cities, or in the states of the Deep South with their huge black populations.  But with the Iceland-Ghana solution as the ideal, as a starting point in formulating a future America, we can look to the three northern New England states, and a solid chunk of the northwest quarter, including much of Oregon and Washington, minus the bolshevik graveyards of Portland and Seattle, of course.  The reason is obvious: the percentage of whites is over 90%, or just under that figure, in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  And in the western states Indians living on reservations, not blacks, are the largest minorities – and comparatively speaking, they cause very little trouble.  Unless I missed something, not a single riot of the several hundred referred to above took place in any of these states.  Furthermore, there are no sprawling cities in any of them, no Third World eyesores or homeless encampments that I’ve read about.  The biggest city by far is Boise, Idaho’s capital, with a population of 235,000.  I was there in 1979 and really liked it.  It was a pleasant, manageable city to walk around, infused with the spirit of the West.  It has more than doubled in size since I was there, and I hear it has become a hip destination, with the creeping liberalism that that implies.  I hope it’s not becoming Seattle’s little brother.  I’ve seen some videos of confrontations between bikers and patriotic residents on one side, and BLM protestors on the other side, which may have escalated into violence had the cops not been there.  It was heartening to see the BLM scum outnumbered, but also disconcerting to see them travel from out of state to Boise in the first place.  I should add that, while surfing the net, I discovered to my surprise that some scuffles and vandalism connected with Saint George protests had broken out in Sioux Falls and Fargo, the largest cities in South Dakota and North Dakota, respectively, but nothing resembling a real riot.

Liberalism, it seems, has always infected the northeast more deeply than the northwest, and I’ve often wondered if the toxic liberal vapors emanating from New York and Boston have blanketed the entire region and are the cause of this.  Vermont, in particular, where I’ve been many times, has always been a mystery to me.  How did the people of such a nice state elect and keep re-electing a Brooklyn Jew and self-described socialist, Bernie Sanders, first to the mayoralty of Burlington, the state’s largest city, then to the U.S. Senate – seven election victories in all?  For that matter, why did the two famous ice cream Jews, Ben and Jerry, from Long Island, who have openly supported radical black movements for many years, choose Vermont, the whitest state in the country, as their base of operations, showing that not only are they political subversives but raging hypocrites as well?  I don’t get it.

Anyway, the total black population of these eight states combined is under 100,000, so the table is set for complete geographical separation.  However, it’s going to take some backbone from the governors of these states, to implement such a final solution.  And that’s the first rub because some of them who now hold office are liberals.  If Haiti-type massacres take place in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities, they’re bound to stiffen the racial consciousness of whites everywhere, but liberals never learn.  The only way to knock any sense into a liberal is to club him or her over the head about 10,000 times with a baseball bat, and that’s not really an option.  But I don’t have all the answers either.  It seems to me that older law-abiding black folks, past childbearing age, should be allowed to quietly live out their lives.  Younger blacks, though, would be obliged to leave, giving them enough time to put their affairs in order and compensating them for property they own, or giving them an allowance to make it easy to settle elsewhere.  The thought of forcible expulsion disturbs me, but the most vital issue is white survival, not kind treatment towards other races.

As bad as the race riots of 2020 were, and as much as they opened the eyes of younger whites to racial realities for the first time, for now the Iceland-Ghana solution is a pipedream.  We’ll see how bad things get on the racial front before a significant number of whites start thinking in terms of total and permanent separation.  Just remember this much: it’s absolutely guaranteed to work.