Truckers and Embalmers

It has dawned on me, at this point, that it’s a waste of time trying to change anyone’s mind, and that the ten or fifteen percent who know what’s going on, thanks to the internet, will be a mile ahead of what I’m writing about, because so much has been happening – many good and exciting things, actually – that, having a limited amount of time to work on this blog, I can’t keep up with them. Nevertheless, I want to run two things by you.

First, the truck convoy uprising in Canada – about forty miles of big rigs (some without trailers), rolling east towards Ottawa, the capital, where they are now converging. All along the route, on the side of the road and on overhead passes, ordinary Canadians, some waving Canadian flags are cheering them on. This is simply awesome! Canada, of all places: our seemingly slavish buddy to the north. Who would’ve thought? At the moment – and things will have developed further by the time you read this – prime minister Justin Trudeau, a piece of trash beyond description – is in hiding, and it seems there’s an outside chance he’s going to get the Ceausescu treatment. Boy, would that make my day.

What’s so inspiring about this rebellion is that these are truckers, real men, not queers, not rootless urban liberals, not male adults with soft hands working next to ladies. And at some level everyone realizes that trucks are absolutely essential to our standard of living, indeed, to our very survival: there’d be no food in the supermarket without them. And aside from recognizing that these are hardworking men doing a necessary job, there’s something about a huge truck that projects strength and power – and Christ, just picture tens of thousands of them in one long line driven by angry men with the same purpose in mind! A convoy of forklifts certainly won’t project that image of power and command, even though forklift operators, who load and unload the 18-wheelers, are also honest workingmen and just as essential in transporting everything we need. Whatever comes of the current turmoil in Canada, we’ve definitely reached a turning point.

Right after watching these truckers in action, I logged on to Even though this is a worthwhile site, I haven’t mentioned it for one reason: mixed in with the good material, they often include some sensationalist stuff that I can’t take seriously. I think Mike Adams, who runs it, is a brave man, but I really wish he’d get his ducks in a row. Yesterday, however, they had a story with a link to the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, with an extremely important video. Dr. Ruby interviewed a Richard Hirschman, a licensed “traveling” embalmer who did not disclose where he lives and which funeral homes he works for. He explained the embalming process, which involves completely draining the body of blood. He said that in 2021 he began to notice a much higher number of blood clots than he had ever seen in his twenty years as an embalmer, but more concerning, they were often attached to white, stringy, fibrous substances, much tougher than the clots themselves, that he had never previously seen. He had spoken to colleagues who were seeing the same thing for the first time and were just as mystified. He said he had a gut feeling that the Covid vaccine was causing this, adding that no one could live for long with these things floating through their veins and arteries. There was plenty of photographic evidence – not for the faint of heart – shown on this half-hour program. One was of a clot almost as long as the leg it was taken from.

This is as real as it gets, folks – as real as the interviews with pilots Greg Pearson and Cody Flint. Horrible things are happening. Watch the video here. (January 30, 2022)