The Biggest Hoax in World History

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the minority of the awakened, or at least skeptical of the endless mainstream media lies that have been pumped out since early 2020.  I’m guessing that there are close to 100 million Americans like you.  As dumbed down as most Americans are, I’m still amazed at how abysmally stupid they have to be to lap up all this bullshit for two years now, without batting an eye at the steady stream of fear porn, flip-flops, contradictions and absurdities puked by journalists, politicians and health bureaucrats.  Now, in January 2022, they’re quaking in their boots again over the “Omicron” variant, which some virus hunter in South Africa dreamed up.  Maybe next month it’ll be the Godzilla variant, and the month after that the Hoochie-Coochie variant, and in April, when the baseball season starts, the Take Me Out to the Ballgame variant.  A new wave of fear every time, and the masked boobs will line up once again to get tested, or buy test kits, or get a booster shot.  I’ve given up on most people, who will just go on believing anything they see on television.

This whole thing began in January 2020.  Two months later Trump declared a state of emergency, and that’s what really stoked the flames, which have been roaring ever since.  Let me repeat the one over-arching fact which should always be kept in mind: HAD THE MEDIA NEVER REPORTED A WORD ABOUT COVID, NOBODY WOULD HAVE NOTICED ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY, BECAUSE NOTHING UNUSUAL IN THE WAY OF SICKNESS AND DEATH HAPPENED IN 2020.  And this phony pandemic led to Operation Warp Speed and the current vaccine civil war – a psychological civil war that may well become a shooting war.  And it’s all been happening while the mainstream media have been censoring, Soviet style, the enormous protests, hundreds and hundreds of them, that have been erupting all over Europe, protests against brutal lockdown measures and murderous vaccination policies, and also censoring the unprecedented number of vaccine deaths and injuries. All this while continuing to pretend that there’s a Covid plague sweeping the nation.

This is an earth-shaking event.  It’s the biggest hoax in world history.  It also appears to be the deadliest conspiracy of all time, one that was in the planning stages for at least fifteen years.  That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy fact that’s right in your face, as clear as a man standing three feet in front of you pointing a gun at your head.  At best, it’s a totally reckless experiment, the most dangerous in a long line of reckless vaccine experiments.  At worst, it’s a deliberate plan to depopulate the earth by killing off billions of people through sterilization, or through poisons that will quickly or gradually destroy internal organs.  Both cases involve making a lot of money and total control over human lives.  The whole thing is very Jewish, though there are plenty of Gentiles involved.  Read “The Jewish Factor” chapter in my book for more on the genocidal mentality of a small but malignant group within the Jewish population that has persisted for millennia and now threatens to exterminate a large chunk of humanity, the Jewish global media network being the powerful engine driving it.

I will be occasionally updating random facts, opinions and commentary on this page.  Since I can’t possibly keep abreast of everything going on, I’ll once again refer you to the sites I go to most often for the latest: (but skip the Jesus stuff),, and  Another excellent aggregate site is, which has numerous links to other sites and videos that are informing the world about what’s going on. 

* * *

Some prominent people have stepped up to attack the vaccine tyranny that has descended on America, some states worse than others, though overall things don’t seem as harsh, not yet anyway, as in Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe.  Unfortunately, most of these people go only halfway with the truth, or adulterate it with falsehoods.  I’m going to mention some of them here, though I won’t go into great detail; detailed discussion can be found online.  All but the last are doctors.  All, I believe, are or were part of the medical establishment and profited handsomely from it, which doesn’t necessarily make them bad people but does influence their thinking.  People can be very complex; in fact, inner contradictions seem more the rule than the exception.  I’m not attacking any of those whose names follow, all of whom have done some good, and I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt as sincere, but misguided, in some cases very misguided.  I wouldn’t trust any of them.  Anyone who will not forthrightly state that he’s totally anti-vaccine, or worse, favor the Covid-19 injection in certain circumstances, is no leader and not to be trusted.

During the brutal 2020 lockdowns, Scott Atlas, whom Donald Trump picked as a health advisor, and who’s pretty much out of the picture now, lamented that children were missing their vaccination appointments.  Please.  That was about the only good thing that happened in 2020.  Another Stanford University medical professor, Jay Bhattacharya, co-authored the Great Barrington Declaration in October 2020, a wishy-washy, libertarian approach to easing lockdown restrictions.  Roughly 50,000 medical professionals and 800,000 ordinary people from around the world signed this petition  electronically.  Just one month ago, in December 2021, Bhattacharya highly praised the Covid-19 vaccine and strongly endorsed its use in older people.  Anyone who makes a statement like that should be shunned at all costs.  Robert Malone recently did a famous show on the Joe Rogan podcast.  He once had a chummy, lucrative relationship with Big Pharma and invented what he calls the mRNA vaccine technology platform.  That alone is more than enough to make all his opinions suspect, though he does say important things here and there.  Of a similar stripe is Geert Vanden Bossche, a Belgian.  He once developed vaccines, which for more than 200 years have a track record of utter failure, so that immediately disqualifies him.  He thinks vaccines are wonderful, though he has warned that, for biological reasons, the mass injections currently taking place may lead to disaster.  He personifies the usual confusing combination of correct and incorrect.

And then there’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who’s been in the middle of the vaccine controversy for a long time.  He has done some excellent work in educating millions on vaccine risks, in particular pointing out toxic mercury levels and exposing the rampant corruption at the CDC, but I’m not a fan of his.  I admit there’s an element of jealousy here.  It’s so easy for anyone with the Kennedy name to take center stage on this or any issue, though better people, known to far fewer, have spoken out.  It was RFK’s star power alone that’s been selling trainloads of his recently published book The Real Anthony Fauci – more than a half million copies to date – which, according to independent reviews is a gold mine of revelations.  (I haven’t read it, and probably won’t, because I’ve already read enough dirt on this creature.)  And another thing: while I don’t think, as some do, that RFK is controlled opposition, how is it that this book has landed on the New York Times bestseller list, which is as Establishment as it gets?  I think Kennedy is basically a good man, but with some mental blocks and notable flaws, like a willingness to compromise the truth when it’s expedient.

One thing that irks me is the foreword he wrote to the important book Vaccine Whistleblower (subtitled “Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC”), published in 2015, which begins with these words: “I have always been fiercely pro-vaccine.  I had all six of my children vaccinated.  I believe that vaccines have saved millions of lives and that broad vaccine coverage is desirable.  To achieve those goals, we need safe vaccines….”  Huh?  I heard him say the same thing in a more recent video clip, and in a 2020 published statement, though here he dropped the adverb “fiercely.”  What a word to have used.  Kennedy and I are only two months apart in age, which means he got very few shots when he was young, and saw how our generation thrived without them.  Yet so far as I know he has never openly advocated cutting back on the insane CDC 72-dose schedule.  (If I’m wrong about that, anyone can contact me and I will retract that statement.)

What’s up with this guy?  (January 20, 2022)