A Non-Challenge from Someone Who Doesn’t Like Me; 30 January 2024

Well!  Nine months have passed without anyone responding to my challenge, but the drought just ended.  I have no idea how many people have come across my website since it went up two years ago, but I will say that I’ve received many gratifying messages of support, mostly from English-speaking countries, mainly the U.S. and Canada, but also from Belgium, Greece and Argentina.  The beauty of the internet!  Anyway, on January 30 I got a caustic email from someone calling himself (I assume it’s a him) “Idiot Detector,” with the amusing email address youareadipshit@gmail.com.  The subject line was “Your $30,000 Offer is a Bad Joke,” and this is what he wrote: 

You’re clearly a nut.  The reason no one has taken you up on your ridiculous offer is because you have stated it’s not legally binding, so no one is going to waste their time and give you the time of day.  The reason why you won’t stand by your claim legally is because you know it’s a joke. Fact: vaccines work and save lives. They are one of the most successful innovations from all of medical science. I’ll wager you $50,000 on that claim so long as each of us escrow $50,000 into a law firm to be held based on predetermined rules of the assessment, the determination is legally binding, and it will be determined based on the presentation from each side to be reviewed and scored by a group of scientists.  Not only have you revealed yourself as a nut, as a writer for National Alliance, you have now called into question everything the site claims. That’s how low your credibility is.

I laughed while reading this.  Not only was it funny, but I.D. hoisted himself with his own petard by not addressing my challenge but instead resorting to name-calling, something that vaccine zealots like him do all the time.  As far as my offer not being legally binding, I’m so glad I added that stipulation,  because in his own words, I.D. likes to lawyer things up.  He seems like the kind of person who would’ve taken pleasure in suing me for breach of contract.  Just what I need, a frivolous lawsuit to deal with.  As for presenting evidence to a panel of scientists, how weak can you get?  What scientists?  I’ve written enough on this site and in my book about so-called scientists to show that most of them are buffoons, or liars, or criminals, and in some cases monsters.  I’ve named lots of names.  Obviously, I.D. is allergic to doing his own research.  But why am I even bringing this up?

I’ll say one more time that I have an open mind, I don’t fear the truth, and if anyone can show me with hard evidence that I’m wrong in my belief that vaccines are and always have been a medical delusion, a total fraud, I’ll give that person $30,000, admit that I’ve been wrong all along, and take this website down.  

I’m sure you’re reading this, Idiot Detector, so write back if you like.  I promise to post your response, and I’ll respond again in kind.  I’ll let people who follow this site decide who knows what he’s talking about, me or you.  In the meantime, we can all use a bit of comic relief these days, so thanks for the laughs.