Commercial Pilots Severely Injured by Covid Shots

I’ve been acquainted with only two commercial airline pilots, but the men who choose this profession have always struck me as being made of the right stuff.  I can’t think of a job that requires a higher level of character, specifically a combination of superior intelligence, judgment, emotional stability and responsibility.  The two pilots I knew were also men of integrity, as I’m sure most of them are.

It’s gripping enough to scroll, on, through the hundreds of thousands of entries of people who have been seriously hurt by the Covid injection, pausing at times to read brief accounts of their symptoms.  But what makes it real is when you meet them and listen to them speak through the medium of the internet, and only the internet, because you’ll never see their faces or hear their voices on the censored television news programs.

We all know that there have been major disruptions in the airline industry and at airports in the latter half of 2021, particularly in regard to the huge number of cancelled flights, but no one in media or government is telling the truth about it.  Last week I watched a brief interview with pilots Greg Pearson and Cody Flint, both of whom were severely injured by the shot.  Captain Pearson’s revelations about what his fellow pilots are going through are especially riveting.  Watch it here.  What is happening is absolute insanity.  Being an emotional man, I instantly related to their emotional stories.  Being an emotional man, I fantasized dragging every liar and cover-up artist at ABC, CBS, CDC, CNN, FDA and NBC to the tops of their high-rise headquarters and flinging them into the street below.   (January 21, 2022)