Welcome to endtheshots.com

Welcome to my website.  The idea of creating it came to me a long time ago, while writing my book Will Vaccines be the End of Us?  Thirty years of part-time research and ten years of writing and revising went into my book, which you can order or read for free on this site.  I completed it in October 2019, just two months before Covid-19 first broke into the news, but a long delay in publishing it allowed me to write an afterword, in which I reviewed events from early 2020 to July 2021.  A website offers the advantage of keeping up with developments as they unfold, which they are now doing at breakneck speed.  Unfortunately, because we are now in an epic struggle of lies against truth, tyranny against freedom, even, perhaps, survival against extinction on a large scale – a struggle that involves the world’s most powerful forces – a website, unlike a physical book, also has the disadvantage that it may suddenly vanish.  Indeed, this has happened more than once; the excellent site covid19propaganda.com, which exposed beyond any doubt that this fake corona virus pandemic had been in the planning stages for several years, is a prime example.  As informed people know, since 2017 YouTube, Facebook and other social media entities have been “disappearing” people and ideas that contradict the fake news narrative, as has Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller. 

Let me be clear from the outset that I am 100% anti-vaccine.  That is, I believe that the theory on which vaccination is based – that serious diseases can safely be prevented by injecting weakened or dead germs of the disease in question in order to stimulate the production of antibodies to defend against it – has endlessly been proven to be wrong.  I believe that vaccinology is and always has been not a science but a form of high-tech witchcraft, riddled with fraud, and in more recent times an extremely lucrative criminal enterprise.  I studied this subject exhaustively for years, from both sides, with a completely open mind, before reaching these conclusions.  Like medical delusions of past ages, vaccination is destined to fade into oblivion, and the current global Covid-19 injection push, which has already destroyed millions of lives and exposed this industry for what it is, may speed up the process. 

After giving it some thought, I decided to try to broaden the appeal of this site by expanding it into other categories, namely reminiscences of some of my best travel adventures around 97 countries, and the intensifying race war against Whites everywhere in North America, Europe and beyond, which is intertwined with the current Covid-19 injection steamroller.  I also intend to write occasionally on other topics under the heading “Life and Times,” some lighthearted, some serious.  Here and there you’ll find some time lag, repetition and overlap in my writing.  But the main thrust of this site will always be vaccines, with the spotlight on the ongoing relentless drive by the vaccine fanatics to inject the whole world with an experimental genetic manipulation product (technically not a vaccine at all), despite the mass carnage already evident, and the resistance it has sparked everywhere among people who cherish freedom.

For those not inclined to read a book of 290 pages, the first seventy should be enlightening.  In these opening chapters, I tell my own story – what I saw when I was young, when kids got less than one-tenth of the vaccine doses given today, and how the many “travel shots” I got in the 1980s would later shatter my life  This is followed by a dismantling of the two main pillars of the dogma: the smallpox vaccine, which was the very first and by far the most enduring, and which prior to the Covid-19 shot was also the most contentious; and Jonas Salk’s “miracle” polio vaccine, which supposedly stopped a killer disease in its tracks.  That’s nonsense, but unless you’ve read other books critical of vaccines, it’s a near certainty you’ve never heard the other side of the story. 

I don’t claim infallibility, nor do I claim to know every detail about this subject, but after many years of observation and research, along with an understanding of human nature, I can say with confidence that anyone who believes in vaccines is either ignorant or evil.  Far from being a great benefit for humanity, they’ve been a disaster.  I no longer argue the point with those who disagree with me.  Those who think I’m wrong are encouraged to prove it on the specified page on this site, and win a $30,000 cash reward.  That should be fun, and I hope it contributes to ending the vaccine controversy once and for all.