Canada, Russia and Australia: Globalist Wirepullers Play Their Hand

This is the first time in more than a month that I’m writing on this blog, and much has been happening on the Covid front.  At present, the media have bigger fish to fry in the Ukraine, their newest global “crisis,” and the intensity of the injection campaign has slacked off.  (Don’t let that shifting of media attention fool you into believing that we’ve returned to the good old days of 2019.)  What’s happening between Russia and Ukraine is a tragic and complex issue which I won’t go into here, but the one thing you can be sure of is that you’re not getting a straight story about this war from the media.  Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau is still breathing, and the great Canadian trucker protest is over.  But that doesn’t mean they lost what appears to be the first major battle against the New World Order gang.  By taking the unprecedented step of invoking Emergency Powers, and brutally punishing the chief organizers and participants of this rebellion, not only did Trudeau reveal his communist colors, but it raised worldwide awareness of the Hidden Hand that grooms trash like him for high leadership positions, along with puppets like Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, Jacinda Ardern, and many others.  This same hidden force has been driving this vaccination juggernaut and the whole scamdemic leading up to it.  

In a February 21st article, “It Ain’t Over,” on the American Freedom News website, Patricia Aiken wrote: “There is absolutely no way that Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, or the Deep State can put the Freedom Genie back in the bottle.  The velvet glove was completely torn from the iron fist this weekend in Canada.  Tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, trampling horses, rifle butt and night stick beat downs, and more abject police brutality all recorded on camera have served to spread the resolve to be free not only in Canada but around the world.”  On other sites I came across heartwarming stories of ordinary Canadians in great numbers cheering and assisting the truckers without letup on their long haul from British Columbia to the capital, Ottawa, providing shelter, bringing them food and water, hosting large barbecues, refueling their tanks from small containers, and helping in other ways.  It was a real sense of community, patriotism at its best.  It was gratifying to see that so many people are still connected with the real world beyond Facebook, that so many can rally behind what is good and recognize what is evil, as was evident from the photographs of protest signs expressing raw hatred of Trudeau.  It’s beyond me how this creature would not want to resign after seeing how much his own citizens detest him.  It must have something to do with a pathological addiction to power for its own sake.

The Aiken article goes into detail about the physical abuse of protestors at the hands of the police, and the smug messages shared by some of the uniformed thugs in charge who took a sadistic pleasure in their work.  On the other hand, on a different site whose name I forget (there’s too much information on the internet!), I read accounts of the Ottawa police mingling and sympathizing with the protestors, since they themselves knew people who had been seriously injured by the vaccines.  Also, according to Aiken and other sources, a contingent of thugs whose faces were concealed, in olive drab uniforms without badges or insignia, believed to be UN forces, took an active part in assaulting citizens.

It’s difficult to pin down the truth when you’re not there and can’t see what’s happening with your own eyes.  I’ve even read that lots of Canadians supported Trudeau’s repression.  This is a war, and as the saying goes, the first casualty in war is the truth.  Watching videos is very helpful, but sometimes they don’t tell the whole story, and sometimes they’re accompanied by false narratives.

The role of the police is a complicated and important issue which I intend to write about in the future.  For now, I’ll simply say that, in my experience, being acquainted with many cops, some of them are mean bastards and never to be trusted, but at least eighty percent are basically good guys who try to do the right thing on the job.  Often they’re in a tough situation not of their choosing, as became very clear during the race riots of 2020.  It largely comes down to leadership, and unfortunately too many at the top, especially in the big cities, are susceptible to the pressure applied by evil forces, and that trickles down to the rank and file.  There has been a good deal of sickening police brutality in the Western world as cops did battle with huge crowds protesting lockdown restrictions and vaccine mandates.  Again, I’m going by videos posted on the internet, and in some cases I’m sure there was more to it than what was caught on camera.  What I’ve seen taking place in Australia, however, has convinced me that municipal police departments in that country recruit the dregs of society.  I’ve been to Australia, and have met many Australians in my travels, and overall they’re fine people.  But some have suggested that the viciousness of Australian cops in the Age of Covid stems from the criminal genes passed down through eight or ten generations from the time when England established a penal colony in that territory, shipping most of its convicts there.  I find that plausible. 

In mid-February, the alternative news reported that several people in a crowd protesting vaccine mandates in the Australian capital of Canberra were “microwaved” by the police, who were employing directed energy weapons (DEWs), something I’d never heard of.  I saw still photos and film clips of people showing blisters, burns, and reddened skin.  This fiendish device, manufactured by Raytheon, is mounted on a small truck and apparently shoots beams like a microwave oven.  They can go through clothing.  I know that some people are adept at faking this sort of thing, which is why I place great importance on studying their mannerisms as much as what they are claiming.  But I’m convinced that these people are telling the truth, that these injuries are real, and that many Australian cops are barbarian attack dogs of the New World Order.  What more proof does one need to show that everything about vaccines is drenched in evil?

A few parting thoughts.  Returning to Canada, the situation there appears to be unsettled.  One ominous development was Trudeau freezing the bank accounts of truckers and certain protestors.  The lives of productive, hard-working people have been made miserable by this communist piece of filth.  The mayor of Ottawa, another globalist flunky named Jim Watson with close ties to the World Economic Forum, ordered towed trucks to be sold off to cover the costs incurred by the convoy occupying his city.  It’s clear that Trudeau, Watson, and other Canadian politicians are stupid tyrants who have no understanding or connection with the grievances of honest working people and their families.  From what I gather, these two lowlifes backed down from their harshest decrees, and the truckers, mostly independents, got their rigs back after paying a hefty fine, but on the whole Canada remains a Covid dictatorship, and a sizable minority of vaccine freaks in that country, who have their counterparts in the U.S., prefer it that way and opposed the truckers. 

What has been happening in the world this past month merits a small book, but here I will simply say that the global interconnection of coerced vaccination, power politics and the banking system has been on full display.  (As an aside, the Russian ruble is crashing because, it seems, the wirepullers of international finance don’t like what Putin is doing and have imposed crippling sanctions on Russia, which will make ordinary people in that country suffer terribly.)  It seems we have entered a protracted struggle which is going to get bloody and which, at some future date, hopefully, will see a return to the sovereignty of nations, abolition of the international money power, and an end to all vaccination – that is, a return to a semblance of normalcy in accord with the laws of Nature, in accord with the way we evolved and managed to make it this far.