What Is This Thing?

In 1961, when I was a little boy growing up on Long Island, I used to watch a science fiction horror TV show, Chiller Theatre, which aired on WPIX, a local station, on Saturday afternoons.  There were episodes like Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Brain Eaters, and Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman.  The show always began with a montage of clips from horror movies of the 1950s, along with ghastly background music. Wikipedia tells us that “Many ‘Baby Boomers’ from this era growing up in the Tri-State area have said that this opening provided many nightmares and sleepless nights, forcing some to change the channel when this opening began.”  Well, I don’t recall changing the channel or losing any sleep, but those scenes were pretty damn creepy, that’s for sure.  Here, check it out for yourself.

I can’t say that Chiller Theatre was a degenerate program, certainly not like the poison that kids are exposed to today on television.  This fascination with the monstrous, the grotesque, the unnatural, seems to have always sparked the creativity of Western man, or better said some Western men.  Have a look at the works of fifteenth century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, for example, or the gargoyles that adorn several Gothic cathedrals, including the most beautiful of all, Notre Dame in Paris, the construction of which began in 1163.  Google “weird medieval art” and you’ll find much more.  There was even some strange stuff going on in ancient Rome. 

If Chiller Theatre ever gave me a few nightmares, I must’ve repressed them, because they never came back to haunt me.  That is, until New York state governor Kathy Hochul crawled out of the woodwork,  succeeding Andrew Cuomo in 2021.  He probably picked her as his running mate in 2018 to scoop up votes in the western part of the state, she being from the Buffalo area.   With Cuomo, at least, you knew what you had: an aggressive, power-hungry communist scumbag.  But this woman is low-key, and she’s not your garden variety Democratic politician.  So what is she?  Or it?  Look at those dead eyes.  Did she escape from the preparation room of a funeral home?  What is this thing?  People I’ve spoken to have remarked on her waxen zombie face, so it isn’t just me.  One blogger noted that she looks like she “clawed her way out of a crypt.”  Unfortunately for decent New Yorkers, however, she’s alive and well, and even though she’s a nobody who ended up in the governor’s mansion purely by accident after Cuomo got too touchy and kissy with female staff, she carries on his legacy.  Like him, she knows how to take orders from the wirepullers, and she’s going down with the ship in this sinking state where I live. 

Getting back to nightmares, in addition to her freaky face there’s something about her hands that dredged up memories of the vampire woman – a Finnish actress named Maila Nurmi – who starred in Plan 9 From Outer Space, and appeared on the screen in the first four seconds of every Chiller Theatre opening.  Certain politicians, as well as journalists, seem to be genuine robots devoid of human qualities.  Hillary Clinton is an evil witch, of course, but like Andrew Cuomo her evil is on full display.  You can’t miss it.  Not so with Kathy Hochul, who seems to be too out of touch with reality to be consciously evil.  Kind of like George W. Bush or Bill Gates, if you ask me.  But I’m also thinking of Mike Wallace, the longtime Jewish frontman of Sixty Minutes.  I watched that show occasionally many years ago, and I wouldn’t classify Wallace as good or evil, but more like smug.  Now and then he did some good journalism, like exposing the 1976 Swine Flu hoax and the vaccination disaster that followed it in a program that aired on November 4, 1979.  But I’m also thinking of his 1996 interview of the founder of the so-called “neo-Nazi” National Alliance, Dr. William Pierce, a sensitive genius, and not one to mince words.  In a later American Dissident Voices broadcast, Pierce described his face to face meeting with Wallace, who struck him as “an alien from Mars.”   That surprised me because Wallace, though often hard to take, came across as fairly human.  Now if meeting him up close was such an extraterrestrial experience, can you imagine what it would be like having a cup of coffee with Kathy Hochul? 

Like every other Democratic state governor, and most Republican ones too, Hochul pushed hard for the Covid vaccine.  On September 26, 2021, one month into her new job, she spoke at a Christian center in Brooklyn while wearing a bizarre necklace that read “Vaxxed.”  Here is an excerpt from that address:    

All of you, yes, I know you’re vaccinated.  You’re the smart ones, but you know there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants.  I need you to be my apostles…. Jesus taught us to love one another, and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, “Please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live.”

Instead of checking her into the nearby Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, her aides accompanied her back to Albany.

I wrote that Hochul seems to be too stupid to be evil.  The operative word is seems.  Although she’s certainly as dumb as they come, she’s smart enough to know what side her bagel is buttered on, as evidenced by her rushing to Israel to show solidarity with that nation’s denizens right after the murderous Hamas attack of October 7th, but she spoke not one word of sympathy for the Palestinians who were and are being massacred by aerial bombing.  This is what we would expect of an American politician, especially one whose turf includes the most Jewish city in the world outside of Israel.  Hochul went further on February 15th when the reported Palestinian body count had surpassed 25,000.  Justifying the Israeli genocide in Gaza, she said, “If Canada someday ever attacked Buffalo, I’m sorry my friends, there would be no Canada the next day.”  This time she backpedaled, apologizing for the analogy and feigning sympathy for the Palestinians.  It was just damage control, of course, placating angry Canadians and supporters of Palestine.  She has never uttered the mildest criticism of the bloodthirsty Netanyahu and his Zionist war machine. 

Despite the holy talk in Brooklyn, at heart Governor Hochul is a communist, though again, she appears to be too brainless to hold any genuine convictions.  Instead she responds to stimuli, the same way a leech  responds to a lit match.  She obviously knows nothing about vaccines, nor much else, but like a lower animal she feels the heat of wealth and power from above which pushes vaccine tyranny, and that’s why she’s a defendant in Borrello v. Hochul.  The lawsuit was brought by a Republican state senator, George Borrello, against Hochul and New York’s black racist attorney general Letitia James, the female version of Al Sharpton, though not at all entertaining and twice as nasty.  These two, in cahoots with the Department of Health, want the unconditional power to put anyone they deem a public health threat, no evidence required, into a quarantine facility with no conditions attached – the way they do it in communist China.  This power grab scheme, which has no basis in the state constitution, originated with Cuomo, though he never got around to implementing it.  It was shot down by a common sense state supreme court judge, Ronald Ploetz, on July 11, 2022, but appealed at the last hour by Hochul and James.  I’m inclined to think that the initiative did not lie with Hochul because, on the surface at least, she’s not a power-lusting maniac like Cuomo was.  She is a moron who seems unable to grasp ideas of any kind, and like I said, reacts to shifting political currents atavistically, the same the way a frog reacts to changes in temperature or sunlight.  Then again, she could be a Hillary in sheep’s clothing.  It’s hard to say.

In any event, the case came before a five-judge appellate court in Rochester on September 13, 2023.  Leading the charge for the plaintiff was a real estate lawyer from downstate Westchester County, Bobbie Anne Cox, who was rightly outraged at the whole thing and took it upon herself to get involved pro bono.  She had tremendous grassroots support and a huge crowd showed up at the courthouse.  I watched her argue her case live on the internet and thought she did a good job.  Her supporters were in a jubilant mood.  Then, on November 17th, reality hit.  The five court jesters did not consider the merit of the case, but in Alice in Wonderland fashion ruled that the plaintiff had no legal grounds to file a lawsuit in the first place.  Cox, who has a substack page that I follow, was shocked, though she shouldn’t have been.  Being a MAGA type, a myopic conservative who lives in the past, and thinks a return to the Constitution will solve our problems, she doesn’t understand that there’s no such thing as “the law,” that the law is whatever a judge, or in this case a panel of judges, says it is.  She doesn’t understand that, aside from some competent and honorable judges here and there, the judicial system, like every other institution in America, is broken beyond repair, due in great part to the infusion of genetic trash, and nowhere more than in New York.

You can look at the decision that overturned Judge Ploetz’s ruling here Matter of Borrello v Hochul :: 2023 :: New York Appellate Division, Fourth Department Decisions :: New York Case Law :: New York Law :: US Law :: Justia  Whether or not you’re able to read it is another matter.  For me, it was torture trying to read this argle bargle.  I gave up and thought to myself, as I have in the past, that in a sane society of the future the judiciary, as we know it, should be abolished and we need to start over with a new plan.  Consider the thousands of law libraries in this country alone, the millions of volumes on the shelves, the billions maybe trillions of words printed in them.  What does all this verbiage amount to?  What good is any of it when so many judges and lawyers are people without character, inherently useless or corrupt?  You could take five fairly intelligent and honorable workingmen – say, a mechanic, a farmer, a welder, an electrician, and a carpenter – men who never went to college but in their hearts know right from wrong, and they would express themselves clearly and reach a decision that nearly all worthy people would consider just.  Not like these five appellate Bozos. 

As I write these words, in late March, Borrello v. Hochul has been bumped up to the highest court in New York, the Court of Appeals.  Their rulings are final.  They’re taking their sweet time on this case, sitting on it for four months now.  Perhaps the senior judge, to the amusement of his colleagues, will flip a coin: heads Hochul wins, tails she loses.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  Actually, that would be a safer bet for justice to prevail, rather than betting on the odds that judges here will make a wise decision, which are considerably less than 50/50.  In the meantime, there’s a bill, A6761, being kicked around in Albany which, if passed, and signed by our governor, will further tighten the screws of medical madness in New York.  I read that it was introduced by an assemblywoman named Karines Reyes.  I don’t know anything about these people so I looked her up on the internet.  She’s a frizzy-haired, self-described Afro-Latina from the Bronx who was born in the Dominican Republic – a reminder that diversity is our strength.  The list of co-sponsors is heavy with Bolshevik Jews, one of whom is Jeffrey Dinowitz, a former administrative law judge who pushed a bill eliminating religious exemptions to vaccines for schoolchildren.  It was signed into law by Cuomo in 2019 and made New York one of only five states to hold this rotten distinction.  Undoubtedly Hochul feels right at home with this crew and will go along with anything else they dream up.             

It’s hard to imagine a wider gulf than the one that lies between the politicians in Albany and good people who live in New York, especially in rural areas upstate.  The one bright spot, I believe, is the elected sheriff in rural counties.  The sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in his territory, period, and he’s much more likely to be committed to serve and protect his citizens than police at any other level.  During the absurd Covid lockdown measures in 2020, sheriffs in several blue states openly refused to enforce executive orders dictated by their governors.  There were four such sheriffs that I know of here in New York who basically told Cuomo to go jump in a lake.  I’m not saying that all sheriffs are good guys, but I believe most of them are.  And I believe that the future of America lies in states seceding from the swamp in Washington, and counties seceding from states, beginning with New York, California, and a few others with major cities that in large part have become unlivable.

I’m not a prophet and I’m not in the habit of making predictions, but something tells me that there’s going to be chaos such as this country has never seen, before and after the presidential election in November, if that farce even takes place, and no matter what the outcome.  If Donald Trump’s enemies are unable to stop him one way or another, and he gets to squat in the White House again, our MAGA friends are in for a rude awakening.  All the lies will come home to roost for everyone across the political spectrum who cannot face the realities of racial strife and Jewish subversion.  Here in New York our governor, the reincarnation from Chiller Theatre, is going to face some real challenges before the year is out.  Bet on it.