Resistance Isn’t Futile

First things first.  If you are of European ancestry, and yearn to know the truth about what is happening in America and around the world, and are basically conservative but disgusted by the mealy-mouthed, multimillionaire Fox News crowd, and mamby-pamby conservative outfits like the Tea Party and Turning Point USA and so many others, and imposters like Donald Trump, and clowns like Alex Jones – that is, if you want to hear the cold, hard facts of life about what it will take to save Western civilization and the very biological survival of the White race, then I highly recommend that you order and listen to any or all of the series of eleven CDS entitled “The Power of Truth,” each containing twenty “American Dissident Voices” radio programs that were recorded in the late 1990s and early 2000s by Dr. William L. Pierce (1933-2002).  I can’t think of any man, past or present, who possessed deeper insight into reality, whose x-ray vision cut through all the confusion, hypocrisy and evasions of our troubled times.  If you really want to understand how the world works, explained by an eminently rational man whose every word will hold your attention, you need to listen to these CDS.  Log on to to learn more and order them.

I do have a few disagreements with Pierce.  Although he never voiced any hatred for nonwhite races, contrary to what his many enemies said about him, with the exception of the Japanese he did give them the cold shoulder, so to speak.  Having traveled the world, I have a respect for most races and even an affection for some.  But I’m also a realist who recognizes facts, one of which is this: when allowed by treasonous government officials to do so, as has been the case for decades, nonwhite races swarm into White countries, never the other way around.  That’s because the White man, being clearly superior in the ability to build and maintain civilization, has created orderly and prosperous nations that are much more desirable to live in than most nonwhite nations.  All of these invaders come seeking a better life, whether through regular employment, sponging off our tax dollars, criminal activities, or asserting themselves over a White race that has become enfeebled as a result of pernicious Jewish influence.

Many of Pierce’s radio talks relate to that influence, which is destroying civilization and targeting the White man for extinction.  But the one theme that he hammered on again and again was that America’s, and the world’s, gravest problem is the Jewish control of the news and entertainment media.  That, and not their domination of the judicial system, or major corporations, or international finance, is where supreme power lies.  When you control the media, you control human minds almost everywhere, including those of national leaders and countless other movers and shakers.  The tentacles of this awesome power affect even the leaders of those few countries that have an independent media – North Korea and Iran, for example – where the rivers and tributaries of disinformation flowing out of New York City, the head of the snake, do not directly reach.  Jews in executive positions, or their lackeys, are scattered in newspaper offices and television stations throughout the world, manning the gates of disinformation, censorship, and mass fear mongering.  Think about that for a moment.  A tiny tribe, numbering only 0.2% of the world’s population has, through its genius for networking and organization, as well as for cunning and treachery, plunged nearly the entire civilized world into turmoil over a harmless, or more likely nonexistent, virus.  As I have written elsewhere on this site, had the media never reported a word about Covid-19, no one would have taken notice because nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

And the Covid-19 pandemic is just the latest of all the Big Lies cranked out by these people, lies that have become encysted in the brains of the majority of White people everywhere, brains deadened by sublime mind control techniques, though there are still plenty of folks who instinctively realize, at a basic level, that the mainstream media is an enemy force, and that there’s something very fishy about the whole Covid-19 narrative.  I say at a basic level because not many understand how Jewish this whole thing is, and how the push for vaccination generally has been very Jewish, especially since the 1950s.  They don’t realize that, historically, organized Jewry has always been a force of destruction, pursuing every avenue of subversion to achieve their goals.  They are unaware that the top posts at the CDC and FDA are heavily occupied by Jews who sat on the panels that approved and pushed and are still pushing these dangerous injections, that they are closely tied to other Jews in executive positions at Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, that there is a tribal agenda at work here, which very much includes the Jewish media bosses, and furthermore that the administration of the vaccine-pushing cadaver in the White House is staffed top to bottom with Jews who are running the show.  They cannot grasp that while there are evil Gentiles involved, the most prominent being frontman Anthony Fauci, much circumstantial evidence points to a typically Jewish exercise in human extermination, possibly even selectively targeting certain White populations.  If that sounds ludicrous to you, you have a lot to learn about Jews, the worst of them anyway.  The ultimate consequence was foreseen a century ago by the man they so bitterly hate, when he wrote, in Mein Kampf, “If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men.”

I wrote a long chapter about all this called “The Jewish Factor” in my book, and I followed it up with an afterword that covered the first seven months of the injection campaign.  You want to know something?  I get depressed and worn out writing about this subject.  I’d much rather lighten up and write about baseball or music or travel or fishing or beautiful women.  But there’s so much on the line here, everything really, that the issue has to be addressed, and so I’ll continue to bring it up on this site.

But now let me shift gears and discuss ordinary Jews who wield no power or influence to speak of, and don’t seem to be rotten or evil in any way.  I’ve been acquainted with many such Jews who got along with their Gentile neighbors, and didn’t seem to have any secret contempt or hostility towards them.  Personally, I never had a problem with those who didn’t flaunt their Jewish identity, or express loyalty to Israel, or adopt the attitudes of the neo-conservative flaming kike types who masquerade as American patriots.  This is not to say that there’s any easy solution to the Jewish problem, which has been simmering ever since Jews first emerged as a distinct people, and has now reached the boiling point for much of humanity.  I discuss these things in more detail in the aforementioned chapter of my book, pages 218-248, which you can refer to on this site, so I won’t visit them here.

In a few of his radio broadcasts, Dr. Pierce brought up the issue of the seemingly harmless Jew, mentioning that some of this listeners had written to him criticizing his hard stance against Jews as a whole.  On one, as I recall, he read a comment that went something like, “I agree with what you say about the Jews, but they’re not all bad.  My Jewish dentist is a nice guy….”  Pierce felt that such talk was evidence of falling into a Jewish trap, though he did acknowledge the good done by some renegade Jews.  One of these was Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, who had defected from that murderous organization – the Israeli version of our CIA – when he could no longer stomach their methods, and wrote a book, By Way of Deception, spilling all the beans on their operations.  I mention Ostrovsky in my own book, but I bring him up here for a different reason.

This book is absolutely damning, and anyone who insists that Israel shares our values, and is America’s or anyone else’s ally, should be locked in a room until he’s finished reading it.  It wasn’t the first book by a renegade Jew exposing the criminality of Israel that I’d read – the first was Alfred Lilienthal’s The Zionist Connection – but a book written from the inside is, to me, much more riveting.  But here’s the reason I bring it up: the Israeli government sought a court injunction in the U.S. to prevent publication.  They failed: the book was published in 1990 by St. Martin’s Press, a major New York publishing house.  Furthermore, it shot to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, an institution as Jewish and Establishment as any I can think of.  I wondered then as I wonder now: How could this ever happen, given tight Jewish control of all facets of the book business, including the silent treatment accorded books they don’t like?  From what I read, Ostrovsky, knowing firsthand the ruthlessness of the Mossad, feared for his life, and for a while frequently moved around Canada and the U.S. to cover his tracks.  He’s alive and well, aged 72, today.

The events just described seemed so unlikely that I asked myself if the whole thing wasn’t smoke and mirrors, constructed for some ulterior motive by Ostrovsky himself.  It seemed like a fair question after reading his book and being awestruck at the innate Jewish talent for deceit, for building layer upon layer upon layer of deception.  But I believe that Ostrovsky told his story from the purest of motives, much like Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear technician turned whistleblower who in 1986 revealed details of Israel’s nuclear weapons program to a British newspaper, and was subsequently kidnapped by Mossad agents and spent eighteen years in an Israeli prison, well over half that time in solitary confinement.

Given their training and skill in the black art of assassination, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the many suspicious deaths over the years, and in the Covid era, of people who rankled the vaccine cultists, can be laid at the door of Mossad agents moonlighting for Big Pharma.  The good people around the world who are taking a stand against this Covid injection insanity must realize that we are in a world war against these vaccine maniacs and their flunky, bought-off political leaders.  As in all wars, we have to accept that some of us are going to get killed or taken prisoner.  But what I’ve just related about Victor Ostrovsky shows that Jewish power, while formidable, is not invincible.  It is, in fact, a paper tiger that can sometimes be crumpled by one brave man standing up and doing the right thing.  The shame of it is that, given human inertia and the ho-hum treason of our elected officials, By Way of Deception had no real impact.  Books, by themselves, never do, unfortunately.  That situation will change when media control is ripped out of Jewish hands.

The oldest psychological strategy in war is convincing the enemy that he’s outgunned, that resistance is futile and he’d better surrender.  Don’t be fooled by such threadbare media messages.  Don’t believe for a moment that you can’t resist being injected, or that you can’t protect your child from being injected by these monsters.  No matter how the standoff with the Canadian truckers ends, they’ve inspired freedom-loving people around the world and shown them that resistance is not futile.  The tide is turning, and now it’s the globalist vaccine maggots, drowning in their lies – with Justin Trudeau taking center stage, at the moment – who are concerned about what’s coming next.  (February 15, 2022)