The Sixth Sense

I believe that we’re living through one of History’s great watersheds, like the eras when the world’s major religions were established.  As I see it, the population has settled into three main groups: those who know that there’s something evil about this global vaccination drive; those who think that everyone should be vaccinated; and the clueless sheep in the middle, who will always submit to the idea backed up by superior force.  Within these groups there are different degrees of conviction, but we’re once again seeing how reason, morality and objective truth count for so little in human events.

At this point, after two years of Covid, minds are made up, and few are going to be changed.  The battle lines have been drawn.  No matter what happens, no matter if millions or billions of people suffer or die from the effects of the Covid injection, the unvaccinated will always be blamed by the greatest power on earth – the global media machine.  There’s nothing to discuss anymore.  What it may come down to, unfortunately, is this: either they kill us or we kill them.  History provides endless examples.

What has astounded me is the number of intelligent and responsible people I know quite well who lined up for the two shot regimen, and even boosters, who were under no compulsion to do so – many retired and around my age.  I’ve thought about this.  Nearly all these people lived the so-called American Dream: they came from good families, led safe and stable lives, lived in nice houses, had good jobs with high incomes, now receive generous pensions, and believed in all the pleasant myths about American exceptionalism, and everything else they were taught in school, including the myths about how wonderful vaccines are.  All these things, taken together, can numb the mind – and I’m talking here mostly about people who identify as politically conservative.  It’s a nice little dream world where the experts at the CDC and FDA are doing their best to safeguard the health of all Americans.  That the top people at these agencies are genocidal monsters, or at best willing sponsors of a depraved, reckless experiment, is an idea they can’t handle.  It’s like telling them, late in life, that their beloved mother and father were not their biological parents.

I mentioned intelligence, but that can be a slippery word.  Graduating near the top of your class, or from Harvard, or from some prestigious medical school, or having a hundred peer-reviewed articles published in famous medical journals, doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.  If you’re in one of those categories, and got the Covid injection, it actually means you’re pretty stupid.  Words like “intuition” and “instinct” command more respect because they translate to the cardinal law of life, the law of survival.  In prehistoric times, when bands of Europeans migrated further north into more unforgiving climates, those who survived were the ones who intuited, in late autumn, that severe cold and heavy snow would be coming soon, and they’d better start building shelters and laying in enough food stores to get them through the winter.  It was a primeval animal intuition.  Those who lacked this foresight froze or starved to death.  The survivors did not read textbooks, or attend classroom lectures, or receive diplomas – they just sensed what they had to do to survive.  It’s the same thing today.  There are many who, while watching and listening to Anthony Fauci on television for five minutes, sense that the man is a weasel and a lying bag of garbage (which he is, of course), and there are many – the type that froze or starved to death in the Pleistocene Era – whose “sixth sense” is weak and who take the clown seriously.  If you intuit the evil behind everything that’s going on with these Covid shots, it makes no difference if you live in a trailer park, or have an unskilled job.  All that matters – at present, and in generations yet to be born, or not born – is who survives and who doesn’t.  (January 20, 2022)