Update #2: More on my $30,000 Offer

On May 2nd I received an email with the subject line “Poison vax and your attacks on Christianity” from a Jeff in Illinois.  He was not applying for the cash prize.  It was a long, rambling letter, only a few sentences of which mentioned vaccination, specifically the Covid jab.  Since Jeff and I are in complete agreement about that, there’s no reason to publish his reply here.  But this is the third message in a month that ripped me for my position on Christianity, so I got to thinking that it would be worth writing a separate article on that topic, because I feel I have quite a story to tell.  You can read “My Battle With Christianity” under the “Biographical” heading on this site.  I’ve reproduced Jeff’s letter in its entirety there.  Realizing now just how sensitive an issue this is with so many people, I’ve completely cut out the blasphemy.  If you’re a committed Christian, however, be warned that you’ll probably still find it offensive.  I’m sorry, but I can’t help that.

Around this time I also had second thoughts about not sending out any more letters to the vaccine faithful, proposing that they try to win $30,000.  As time permits, I’ll contact more people.  By now, I’m fairly certain that at least a few thousand people have read this offer, which pertains to an issue of grave importance for all humanity.  To me, the fact that there have been only two challenges, one uninformed and the other irrelevant, speaks volumes.

Let’s say that someone declared that North Korea was very dangerous to visit, that the people there hate Americans, and that any American who goes there is an idiot looking for trouble and deserves to be imprisoned or even executed while in that country.  In fact, over the years, I’ve read that exact message more than a hundred times on various blogs.  But let’s say one of these blowhards who had his own website offered a large cash reward to anyone who could disprove his claim.  Well, having been one of only a few thousand Americans to visit North Korea in the brief time slot, 2010 to 2017, when it was possible (I was there in August 2013), and knowing it was absolutely safe and welcoming (though very repressive) as long as you didn’t do anything stupid, I’d spend an hour writing up something to put the jerk in his place once and for all – and I’d be happy to do it without asking for a cent.  So how is it, with an offer of $30,000, that not one person can put ME in my place if I’m espousing such a nutty idea? 

This time I thought I’d take a softer approach in addressing some fine folks in the mother country who don’t merit any rough language, though the first one comes close.  Since all three will be unfamiliar to many readers, I’ve written an informative introduction on each.  I’ve gone back and forth, asking myself if it’s inappropriate to do this, especially in the case of Ed Hooper, but as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Who knows but that some good will come of it.  These three emails were sent on May 17, 2022. 

* * *

Heritage and Destiny (heritageanddestiny.com) is a print and online journal which, in the words of its editors, “reflects a cross-section of 21st century racial nationalist opinion.”  On its masthead is the motto “Faith Folk Family,” though nothing religious is meant by the word “faith.”  I imagine that in benighted England the label “neo-Nazi” is routinely slapped on H & D.  I’ll let my letter tell the rest of the story.

Dear Sirs:

I live in upstate New York, USA, and as a man who considers himself a racial nationalist, I am writing to you in a spirit of friendship.  I occasionally peruse your website, and find myself in agreement with all your values and viewpoints, except one: vaccines.  I’ve read three articles on that subject in the age of Covid, which you posted on October 3, 2020, November 5, 2020 (a reprint from earlier that year) and December 2, 2021.  All three are misguided, and the one of October 3rd reflects an arrogance that repelled me. It’s clear that the author of each article – Ian Freeman on October 3rd, Peter Rushton on November 5th, and anonymous on December 2nd – take this supposed Covid pandemic seriously, and look to an effective vaccine as the way to put it behind us.  Rushton’s perspective, though fallacious, is at least somewhat balanced.  Freeman is more lopsided, using terms like “visibly real pandemic threat” and “anti-vaxxer lunacy,” coming out for lockdown measures, and even advocating two-week detainments in quarantine camps for Britons returning from foreign countries.  He resorts to straw man arguments and writes off Bill Gates as if he doesn’t exist, to make those of us who take a firm stand against vaccines and the mainstream media Covid-19 narrative look ridiculous; “deranged loony nonsense” is the term he uses.

The third article strays even further from reality, singing the praises of vaccines in general and the benevolence of vaccine manufacturer Astra-Zeneca in particular.  December 2, 2021 was close to the one-year anniversary of the roll-out of the Covid-19 injection in much of the world, and the track record for this gene-manipulating concoction (which is not a vaccine at all), has been a disaster, except for TV-watching zombies, those in denial, and the woefully ignorant.  Regrettably, I put you in the last category.

I spent many years conducting a personal investigation into every aspect of the vaccine controversy, and long ago reached the conclusion that not only has this procedure been a total fraud since day one, May 14, 1796, but it’s a threat to the very survival of large segments of heavily vaccinated populations.  And the Covid-19 shot is the final chapter.  This worldwide injection campaign is at best an utterly depraved experiment in gene editing, and at worst a deliberate attempt to drastically reduce the earth’s human population through sterility or inducement of slow or rapid fatal reactions.  As for the nonexistent pandemic that preceded it, I go by a simple rule: had the global media never reported a word about Covid, no one would’ve noticed anything unusual, precisely because nothing unusual in the way of sickness or death was happening.  If you don’t believe that, you’d have to be naïve to turn to statistics provided by your public health agencies, which I’m sure are as sickeningly corrupt in your country as they are in mine.  Much more reliable would be the word of funeral directors, or the burial registries of local cemeteries to determine if there were significantly more deaths in 2020 than in pre-Covid 2019.  We’re talking about a conspiracy so vast and evil that most people cannot grasp it.  Ridiculing everyone who uses the word “conspiracy” doesn’t change the truth.  What was A.K. Chesterton’s excellent 1965 book The New Unhappy Lords, which you feature on your site, all about if not hidden conspiracies among the world’s most rich and powerful?

I have a website, endtheshots.com, on which anyone can read Will Vaccines Be the End of Us?, a book I spent ten years writing and revising.  I added an afterword, “2020-2021: Journal of a World Gone Mad,” in which I condense my thoughts and observations on Covid, which would take up far too much space here.  You should read it.  As for vaccines generally, I no longer argue the subject with those who disagree with me.  Instead, I’ve come up with what I think is a good way to end any argument before it starts, and that’s to offer, on my site, $30,000 to anyone who can name one vaccine developer, beginning with Edward Jenner, who did anything good for humanity, or one pro-vaccine book ever published that does not contain multiple errors or lies or both.  Hundreds, if not thousands, have read my offer, including the top public health officials or their associates in 49 of 50 states, to whom I mailed a packet that included a detailed tabulation of the 40,788 deaths and 3,771,826 adverse reactions to the Covid jab reported as of February 26, 2022 to the EudraVigilance system (ema.europa.eu) which covers most, not all, European countries.  So far I’ve heard from only two challengers whose replies fell flat.  Both are posted on my site.  Perhaps the fact that some of my anti-vax writings have appeared on natvan.com, an arm of the National Alliance, will lend my views some credibility in your eyes.  Everything pertaining to my offer, including updates, has appeared on that site.  If you log on, you’ll see that I’ve confronted certain individuals in a belligerent manner over their smug support of lockdowns and the Covid injection campaign.  I certainly don’t hold the same hostile feelings towards you.  As I said, we’re on the same side of every other issue in the interest of preserving Western civilization and the race that created it.  I only ask that you take a closer and more open-minded look at the vaccine issue and the intrusion into our lives of everything connected with Covid-19. 


John Massaro  

Explore, on the net at exploreworldwide.com, is an adventure travel company based in the county of Hampshire, in the southeast of England, with a U.S. office in Boston.  They started in 1981 with six tours, and expanded over the years to more than 500 across 120 countries.  Although most of my travels have been solo, going back to 1985 I’ve done seven trips with them, usually working them in at the beginning of a much longer trip that I did on my own.  There are some countries, or regions of countries, that are very difficult to visit independently, and going with a small, organized group only made sense.  In this Age of Crap, where everything is crappy – manufactured products, customer service, schools, governments, medicine, attitudes in general, you name it – an age when excellence is so rare – I always found Explore to embody excellence.  Their trips are superbly planned, their leaders and guides first class, and their office staff knowledgeable, courteous on the phone, and super-efficient.  I never had a single complaint, and have always recommended this company to anyone looking for an offbeat and affordable travel experience.

One little thing I don’t like about Explore is their politicized orientation which, however, is not that noteworthy because like everyone else they just go with the media flow.  Cancelling all their 2022 trips to Russia and Ukraine was certainly the right thing to do for safety reasons, but I didn’t like reading that they emphatically condemn Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, as if the current war is a clear-cut issue of good vs. evil, which it most certainly isn’t.  It’s a very complex situation, which I won’t go into here, other than to say it’s a real tragedy and I’m neither pro-Putin nor pro-Zelensky.

Another thing that irritated me was that, through the 1980s and early 1990s, they effectively boycotted South Africa.  By no means am I singling them out, because no travel companies, or almost none, offered trips to that beleaguered country, due to the supposed immorality and brutal suppression of Blacks under White rule and the apartheid system, which was absolute nonsense.  I traveled far and wide in that country for just over a month in 1988, with no worries, and didn’t see a single foreign tourist.  But even though the rate of violent crime instantly shot up with the inception of Black rule in 1994, tour operators everywhere, including Explore, threw their gates open to South Africa.  They even placed a photograph of a statue of Nelson Mandela with a clenched fist salute next to one of their itineraries in the brochures they mail once a year, though this hasn’t appeared in recent editions.  They weren’t trying to be political; as with Putin, they were just going along with “the current thing.”  And now, as you will read, the current thing is a big problem for some.    

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am an American who has traveled widely around six continents, mostly getting around on public transport, such as it is, but sometimes joining small groups.  I have booked seven trips with Explore, the first one being the Inca Trail in Peru, way back in 1985, the remainder between 2002 and 2018.  I have always been thoroughly satisfied and impressed with your company, even in ways that go beyond the itineraries themselves, such as your commitment to the preservation of the natural environment, the protection of wildlife in Africa, and the welfare of local communities in poor countries which benefit from the employment you offer.  After all these years, I can still see ten or twelve of us making slow progress on that grueling, four-day, high-altitude trek on the Inca Trail – which culminated in the sudden, magical sight of the lost city of Machu Picchu when we rounded a bend – and those Indian porters carrying all our gear, rushing past us and having our tents pitched and dinner cooking when we reached camp at the end of each long day.  I remember thinking back then, as now, how much they enjoyed what they were doing and how the income they were earning helped them support their families.  I have many great memories of the trips I’ve done with you, but that one really stands out.

I’m sure that what is called the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit in early 2020, was devastating not only to Explore but to virtually everyone at every level in the travel industry – not to mention businesses that depend on foreign visitors, like hotels and restaurants – right down to the most humble laborers like those porters in Peru.  With the severe restrictions on international travel implemented worldwide, I’m equally certain that many tour operators went out of business.  I’m glad that you survived, even though, from what I can tell, there are still disruptions and the situation is far from stable.  

I now want to change the subject and strike a critical though not antagonistic note.  In years past, Explore, along with every other adventure travel company whose literature I read (though I never booked with them), recommended certain vaccinations for many countries with poor hygiene and sanitation conditions, over and above several African nations that have long required proof of vaccination for yellow fever (and formerly cholera), which more recently also became a requirement in much of South America.  I got quite a few optional jabs myself in the 1980s, half of them recorded in that little yellow international vaccination certificate that I’m sure you’re familiar with.  I subsequently developed a non-debilitating but serious autoimmune condition that would prove to have a jolting impact on my life.  By 1990 I was well-versed in “the other side of the story” regarding vaccines, and over the course of thirty years spent a good deal of time researching the subject and writing a book entitled Will Vaccines Be the End of Us?, self-published late last year, which can be read in its entirety on my website endtheshots.com.  As you have probably inferred, I am 100% anti-vax, and incidentally never got another shot after November 1986, though in the past twenty years I traveled to many countries in Asia and Central America without once falling ill.

I would’ve liked to see a little more of the world, but at age 68, I don’t have the drive I did as a younger man.  And with everything going on with Covid, I have vowed to never go abroad again, unless travel returns to the way it was before 2020, which seems unlikely.  In this regard, I must tell you that I was very disappointed to learn, from your website, that you take this supposed pandemic quite seriously, every bit of it – wearing masks, social distancing, and worst of all in my view, requiring that everyone who joins your trips be fully vaccinated.  I realize that you’re in a difficult situation right now, wherein unvaccinated travelers will not be allowed into many countries where you run trips, though there are some that don’t require proof of injection.  What disappoints me is that you unquestioningly go along with the global media narrative, in the sincere but mistaken belief that you’re doing the right thing.

As a student of history, human nature, power politics and modern medicine, it is my belief that the Covid-19 pandemic, or plandemic as others have rightly called it, is the biggest hoax in world history, and that the injection campaign, now well into its second year, may very well be a premeditated plan to kill a large segment of humanity, or at best, a monstrous (and extremely profitable) experiment in human genetic manipulation.  I know that that statement is an awful lot to process in a few seconds, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you laughed or rolled your eyes upon reading it.  Nevertheless, I can assure you that many millions of people around the world agree with it, there is plenty of damning evidence that, at a minimum, hundreds of thousands have been killed by this shot (which is not a vaccine at all), and millions have suffered permanent, life-altering injuries.  The latest data dump, from EudraVigilance, a system which monitors most European countries and is not anti-vaccine, shows 43,898 deaths and 4,190,493 injuries through April 23, 2022.  And this is just what’s reported; the actual figures are probably much higher.  There are numerous websites focused on what’s going on.  Three I highly recommend are healthimpactnews.com (minus the Bible quotes), thecovidblog.com, and vaccinedeaths.com

Having grown tired over the years, and especially the last two, of all the childish name-calling directed at us anti-vaxxers, I am offering $30,000 to anyone who can name me one pro-vaccine book published in the last 225 years, or one vaccine developer in that time frame, which goes back to Edward Jenner, showing proof that vaccines have done any good.  I maintain that they have been a failure and a fraud from the beginning.  The details are on endtheshots.com, and I hereby make the same offer to you.  If you log on, you will notice that I’ve contacted several people, mostly journalists and politicians, with this offer using aggressive language in response to their know-it-all smugness, but I’m not challenging you in any such way.  I’m simply saying that the time has come – and has come urgently in the Age of Covid – for all good people to take a close look at the constant failure and criminality surrounding vaccines, all vaccines, and if I’m wrong about that, I offer an incentive to anyone to prove it.

Glancing at your company profile, I see that you currently have 121 employees.  You can tell all of them about this offer.  I also checked out a few other adventure travel companies based in the UK.  Some have policies identical to yours, while others, like Exodus, are a bit less strict, but all have the same mindset.  If, as I imagine, you’re on good terms with these companies as friendly competitors, please feel free to forward this email to them.  I know that what I’ve written here may well strike you as quite odd, but I assure you that I’m on the level.  


John Massaro       

* * *

Near the end of Will Vaccines Be the End of Us? I wrote a chapter titled “An Extremely Important Book,” in which I pay tribute to The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS, by Edward Hooper, published in 1999.  The River, at 1073 pages, quite simply is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read, an account of perhaps the most exhaustive scientific investigation ever conducted.  It involved an extraordinary amount of research, extensive travel across Africa, Europe and North America, and interviews with more than 600 people over the course of nine years.  If you haven’t read my book, or haven’t reached that chapter yet, let me quote from page 250, where I hit upon key points of The River:

Chimpanzee kidneys, which naturally harbor HIV, harmless to chimps but deadly to man, were used by [vaccine developer] Hilary Koprowski [a Polish Jew who later emigrated to the U.S.] to grow his experimental oral polio vaccine in the 1950s in what was then the Belgian Congo….HIV (technically HIV-1) infected this vaccine, which was administered to about one million people in the Congo, as well as in neighboring [former Belgian territory] Ruanda-Urundi.  HIV is not a man-made virus, nor was it deliberately unleashed on hapless African natives, but rather it was the unforeseen outcome of devil-may-care risk taking, Koprowski’s trademark.  Through promiscuity and prostitution, mainly in urban areas, but also through normal heterosexual activity and human contact, HIV spread throughout Africa and beyond.  In Africa, the latency period, prior to full-blown AIDS or AIDS-related terminal illness, can be several years, but small children and babies… can… die faster…. 

Earlier, I’d come across some references to The River in my own research, which left me with a gnawing uncertainty about the link between vaccination and the AIDS epidemic, which most people first heard about in the early 1980s, with increasing news coverage through that decade.  There were at least four theories, and although I usually frown when I hear the word “expert,” Edward Hooper seemed worthy of that designation in regard to AIDS.  On his website, aidsorigins.com, there was a contact tab, and on April 26, 2018 I emailed him, asking if he could explain the AIDS-vaccine connection.  He promptly and courteously responded with a simple answer, adding that a detailed discussion could be found in Chapter 10 of The River.  I decided to have a look at this book and ordered it from Amazon.  I began reading it from the beginning, and within an hour I was hooked and knew I’d be reading it straight through to the end.  Not only does Ed write beautifully, but I felt we were on exactly the same wavelength.  As the saying goes, “Great minds think alike” (ahem).  There were two things that threw me, however.  First, on page 812, he comes out foursquare in favor of vaccines, calling them “one of the greatest triumphs of medical science,” a spectacular non-sequitur to everything leading up to that statement.  Second, it’s evident from the text on the back cover of his book, and in several assertions in the book and on his website, that Ed is what I would call a flaming liberal.  I’m still unable to reconcile this with his splendidly rational and perceptive analysis evident in his book.  

After completing The River, I again emailed Ed to tell him how impressed I was, while also questioning his support of vaccines.  This initiated a trans-Atlantic dialogue of eleven days which did not go well, primarily because I made it clear, somewhat officiously, that I was anything but politically liberal, and also because our personalities did not mesh.  We’re constituted differently, simple as that.  To me, Ed personified the image I have of the best of the British – erudite, dignified and restrained in expression.  I like to think I’m that way too – sometimes!  I also have a temper.  Now that might not be proper in some circumstances, but I also think it’s not always proper to exercise restraint.  

I’ll give you an example of our differences.  Although not nearly as well-known as Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, Hilary Koprowski was a big name in polio vaccine research in the 1950s.  I’ve written a fair amount about him in my chapter on Ed’s book and in another chapter, “The Jewish Factor.”  Koprowski looms large in The River.  Hooper met and gently grilled him on two occasions, which makes for riveting reading.   Koprowski died on April 11, 2013, and three days later Hooper posted the following notice on his website: 

It has just been announced that Dr Hilary Koprowski died on Thursday April 11th, at the age of 96.  The first report I have seen comes from the Huffington Post, and at the head of the following comments we learn that “HuffPo is filtering out the justifiable controversy surrounding this man’s career” (my emphasis – JM).  It will be interesting to see what sort of coverage Koprowski’s death engenders elsewhere in the coming days.  As many readers of this site will know, Dr Koprowski has been a focus of my investigations for the last 20 or more years.  There is much that remains to be told about his activities in Africa in the late 1950s.  But clearly this is not the right moment.  I realise that Dr Koprowski’s family and friends will be grieving his loss, so let me offer my condolences to them. ​​​​​​

Not the right moment?  Condolences?  Had my website been up and running back then, this is what I might’ve written:

It is with sadness that I take note of the death of Dr. Hilary Koprowski on April 11th.  What makes me sad is that this son of a bitch died peacefully in bed in his home at the ripe old age of 96, without ever having paid a nickel for his crimes against humanity.  Koprowski is the father of AIDS.  He was the epitome of evil, a walking human virus.  Due to his utterly depraved and reckless polio vaccine experiments on simple, trusting African natives, he is directly responsible for the agony and death of millions.  If it were up to me, I would’ve had him bound and gagged, flown back to Africa, and dumped at the edge of a river teeming with hungry crocodiles.  That would’ve been a just and fitting end to this horrible creature.  

Now, nothing I wrote to Ed was that strongly worded, but I imagine my disposition seeped through here and there, and as a result our conversation came to an abrupt end.  These things happen in life and I have nothing against him.  In fact, I still appreciate his courtesy for taking the time to reply to all my emails – to me, a complete stranger in a distant country.

Before you read what I sent to him, you should know that in addition to his research and travel in several African countries, Ed spent three years living in Uganda, very close to AIDS ground zero in the 1980s, and witnessed firsthand the decimation caused by that disease.  He became very fond of the people of Africa, and their suffering deeply affected him.  Although my time and experiences in Africa do not measure up to his, I know that continent and its people at ground level, and I understand his feelings.  It’s called having a heart and has nothing to do with any political viewpoint. 

Dear Ed,

It’s been nearly three years since we last communicated, and you probably won’t be happy that you’re hearing from me.  If you choose to ignore this email, that’s fine, I understand, and I will never contact you again.

I notice that you haven’t updated aidsorigins.com in more than seven months.  I hope you’re in good health.  I think it’s a shame that The River never got anything near the attention it deserved, which doesn’t surprise me considering the powerful interests you were up against.  And now, in the age of Covid, the issues you raised, which are more relevant than ever, have been put in the deep freeze.  I regard the Covid-19 so-called pandemic as the biggest hoax in history, and the current global injection campaign as an unprecedented crime, possibly a conspiracy to drastically reduce the world’s population.  But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m sure you remember my telling you that I was writing an anti-vaccine book.  I completed Will Vaccines Be the End of Us? in October 2019, but was able to write an afterword on the Covid situation because self-publication was delayed for more than two years.  I did a small printing, and my book can also be read on my website endtheshots.com, which went up in January.  Near the end, pages 249-256, in a chapter titled “An Extremely Important Book,” I discuss The River.  My discussion is not without criticism, but for the most part I bestow the praise I think you deserve.  

The reason I’m writing to you now is to inform you that on my website I’m offering a $30,000 prize to anyone who can tell me of one pro-vaccine book not containing numerous errors or lies or both, published since 1796, the year Edward Jenner made his mark, or one vaccine developer starting with Jenner who was not at best a simple failure.  Let me explain further.  I’m on a crusade to expose vaccination as the biggest fraud in medical history – which, as you make clear on your site and in your book, you firmly disagree with – and I offer a cash reward primarily to expose arrogant vaccine zealots, mostly Americans, for the know-nothings they are.  You’ll get a good idea of this by reading the specified page on my site.  I know that you won’t like my style.  However, I’m taking a more affable approach with you and with two other British recipients to whom I’ll be sending emails within minutes of sending this one.

The bottom line, Ed, is this.  Life is short.  You and I are close in age, and neither of us may be around twenty years from now.  Although we’re far apart in temperament, I believe we share many values, one of them being a desire to do some good that will outlive us.  You’ve already done your part with The River, and now I’m trying to do my part.  You have established yourself in the pursuit of knowledge, and if someone of your standing is dead wrong about vaccines being “one of the greatest triumphs of medical science,” as you phrase it on page 812, then I want to bring that fact to light, though certainly not to embarrass you.  And if you can show that my evaluation of vaccines is dead wrong, then I have no problem donating $30,000 to your preferred AIDS charity, TASO, in Uganda. 

Now I want to shift gears and take this opportunity to solicit your opinion on an alternative viewpoint of the AIDS epidemic.  Around the time I was wrapping up the final revision of my book, I read AIDS Inc. by Jon Rappoport, published in 1988.  I have a great respect for this man.  He has been an investigative reporter for 35 years, focusing on the massive corruption of pharmaceuticals, modern medicine, scientific research, global health organizations and everyone and everything connected with this octopus.  Like me, he believes all vaccination is a fraud.  I often visit his website, nomorefakenews.com.  I find his writing hard-hitting and almost always agree with him.  I also find it remarkable that, so far as I know, he has never mentioned you in any of his writings or videos  (which can be watched on his site) nor have you ever mentioned his name.  Your positions on AIDS are not exclusionary, but there are some major differences.  You both can’t be correct on all points, and I’m just trying to wring out the truth.     

Rappoport believes that AIDS is a politicized, monetized and media-hyped disease.  He doesn’t see it as a global pandemic, but rather as a blanket term under which many other morbid conditions are labeled AIDS.  He points to the well-known high-risk groups, like promiscuous homosexuals, intravenous drug users, and malnourished Africans as having weakened immune systems which allow various opportunistic infections to take hold, and when these people become seriously ill or die they’re fraudulently recorded as AIDS casualties.  What he infers is that heterosexuals with healthy lifestyles are very unlikely to contract AIDS, or what is said to be AIDS.  He sees the Covid-19 scare as a re-run of the AIDS scare, which makes sense to me.  On the other hand, you have dug far deeper on the origins of this novel disease, which I believe he doesn’t even touch on, and I think you have established beyond a reasonable doubt a correlation between its initial appearance and the mass polio vaccination effort in the Congo in the 1950s.  You’ve been much closer to it, you’ve seen death and suffering in Uganda, whereas I don’t believe he’s ever set foot in Africa.  On the other hand, AIDS certainly does not appear to be the second or third worst plague of all time that I once believed it was destined to be.  In fact, it seems to have largely fizzled out without claiming more than a fraction of the lives it was forecast to claim, though I also realize that just because the mainstream media have stopped covering it doesn’t mean it’s no longer happening.  I wonder if you have ever read AIDS Inc., and whether you have or not, what your thoughts are.

If you reply to this, Ed, please let me know if you don’t want it to appear on my site.  And although it would be nice to hear from you, as I said, if you don’t reply, this email will be my last.

Best Regards,

John Massaro   

On May 23rd I received a cordial email from Mark Cotterill, who told me he handles the hard copy edition of Heritage and Destiny, not the website.   He didn’t mention my offer, nor did he disagree with anything I wrote.  He simply stated that as editor, he tries to be fair to all in airing their views, adding that British nationalist opinion on everything Covid is split 50/50.  In response I told him that in the U.S. I believe there’s much more opposition to the narrative among those on the political right. 

As of June 7th  I haven’t heard back from Explore or Ed Hooper, nor do I expect to.  If I do, I’ll update it in this spot.  It seems to me that the whole, complex truth about AIDS, like the JFK assassination, will forever remain elusive and open to speculation.

On May 18th, the day after I sent the three emails above, an interesting letter from Uganda arrived in my inbox from an Ismail, who emailed me again the next day.  I’ve reproduced them exactly as I received them, but I’ve redacted his last name, email address, and financial account information.   Here’s the first one:  

From: Ismail

Subject: $30,000 Offer Entry

Hi John, am here for the offer. Am an African from Wakiso  some deep part in Uganda. Am neither anti vex nor pro vex due to a few reasons. We’ve witnessed mass deaths for the vaccinated one and in the same sense for the unvaccibated.

In my region, we are now divided into two, the vaccinated ones waiting for the unvaccinated to die, and the unvexed  waiting for the vexed to die its a sad reality.
If that money is up for grab, then give it to me even if half of it will make a change in my society  30 grands in my currency  is 108M whether all of it or half I can create income and employ masses then give you testimony  in a couple of years.

Am a struggling youth in my 27 but surviving in Africa has become impossible if you are not born to a politician, or any close associate  in the government,  you  are born when life already leads 1:nill.

Kindly give it to me, .. okay keep half for the contest ill sit gather my information  then come back with standing evidence  but for now am a drowning boat

If you let me, my PayPal  is here and you can ask me anything  and ill furnish you with every bit of my information  if you ever need it

(PayPal info redacted here – JM)

Thanks John

And this from May 19th:

Hi John as per your offer am here not with speculations or hearsay but rather facts.

Much as we might believe that its science and science alone holding other factors constant that has led to the greatest discoveries of mankind. It’s the same science that has gotten us grumble and question its authenticity ad far as medical and health developments have gone. It were doctors that discovered that bloodletting was so useful in cure of an illness  and still doctors found out after 2000 years that it made no sense.

The same thing comes along with vaccines, perhaps we might not have a pro-vaccine book since late 1790’s but we cant rule out certain usefulness that have been benefitted from administering vaccines.

You might not be so familiar with “AFRICAN” History but throughout   years Africa has been at verge of disturbances from “Immunisable Diseases”. Like


Africa saw mass demise of its indigenous in the early late 500 and by 600 AD it was on rampage. By 1900 it has spread to the west (if not where it started). Ideas were all developed across continents and since then people have been using the smallpox vaccine since Edward Jenner first tested his idea that inoculation with matter from a cowpox sore would protect a person from smallpox.

Its been the phenomenon every after an outbreak of any epidemic, Massive vaccinations were administered that saw increased mortality.

Two years ago Africa was declared free of Wild Polio but still that came as a result of massive vaccinations in infants by 2009 Uganda alone had immunized 2.3 million children with (IPV).

The first successful demonstration of a polio vaccine was by Hilary Koprowsk in 1950, with a live attenuated virus which people drank. The vaccine was not approved for use in the United States, but was used successfully elsewhere. The success of an inactivated (killed) polio vaccine, developed by Jonas Salk was announced in 1955 another attenuated live oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin and came into commercial use in 1961

As a continent we have come up with what science and English has called “Vaccines” Herbs and Medicines that have counter measured these out breaks. They’ve stood tests of time, our ancestors used them and we still use them. Given the laboratory engineered vaccines aside Africa has in its ways cured these Pandemics but unfortunate the solutions and procedures have not published nor documented. So in this Context how one understands Vaccines depends on what information they’ve been furnished with.

Again I am not a Pro-Vex or Anti Vex, I don’t run the government but to a certain point whether profit or new world system, Vex’s have got a significant role played along in a short terms as long as I’ve lived or it’ll be a long run my predecessors will tell.

See John I thank you for taking time to open eyes of the world to the existence of a rare world people deny and hadn’t been your offer I wouldn’t have this research. I know something I did not know henceforth.

I might not win this in your favor but for my research please bless be with at least 10,000 only keep the 20,000 for the one who will exhaust all your doubts if they ever happen to.

But I badly need this offer please I don’t want to take free money that’s why ive buried myself in this research with the minimum resources I have. If you let me
Il give you my PayPal account or upon request my Uganda bank account number or my details. Please I need it it’ll be a blessing and I’ll pay it forward

If you let me promise you, I’ll use it for the benefit of my community and it’ll be me to sponsor all your expenses when I invite you to Uganda to see the transformation I swear.

(PayPal info, bank account # and SWIFT code redacted here – JM) 

Country Uganda

Please I promise i will not disappoint you.
Thank you John  Massaro.


If I had to guess, I’d say these messages were sincere, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ismail is a scam artist.  In any event, this is not a serious claim, and since I still have some marbles, I didn’t wire him the $10,000 he asked for.  After thinking it over, I also did not reply to him.  When I traveled through Africa in 1982, several young men asked me for my address so we could “exchange ideas,” as they liked to say.  Even forty years ago, before the digital age, giving that kind of personal information could cause unforeseen problems, and besides, I really don’t need any African pen pals.  On the other hand, the despair of everyday life for so many ordinary Africans that he mentions is very real – malaria, hunger, political instability and whatnot.  But there’s nothing we could or should try to do except to let these people find their own way.  

UPDATE:  Almost two weeks went by, and I thought Ismail had given up on me.  But on June 1st, three days after writing the paragraph directly above, I heard from him again, and this time I did reply. 

Dear John,

This could be my third Times Writing to you, i do not intend to be sarcastic though i seem to be already but am surely desperate for your health. What kills me is knowing that that amount is there and none has claimed it yet. I had kindly requested to at least not give me for the sake of offer and challenge but help will be enough.

Kindly help me.

I replied:

Dear Ismail:

I know life is a struggle for many people in Uganda, but End the Shots is not a charity organization.  Since nothing you have written is relevant to my offer, I’m sorry, but I will not be sending you any money.  I wish you well.